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Your safety is our number one priority!

While we normally strive to avoid cancelations but, in light of the pandemic, they may be necessary to ensure your safety in the event our therapist is exposed or presents ANY symptoms of COVID-19. Under these circumstances, our therapist will immediately begin quarantine and obtain testing.  You will be notified as quickly as possible to discuss rescheduling options. 

Our therapist intends to be vaccinated as soon as it is readily available. Until that time we will do everything in our power to prevent potential spread.


Likewise, if you are exposed or present ANY symptoms, you are expected to contact us to discuss rescheduling options. No cancelation penalties will be applied. Please keep in mind, our therapist may come in contact with individuals who are considered high risk for the virus.


We understand that there are varying opinions on the virus and its spread but we uphold the oath of the medical community to "do no harm" and therefore we take the utmost precautions.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Sleeping Baby
The therapist is on maternity leave until April (subject to change). Appointments will not be scheduled until after April 1st.

We are currently not accepting new clients as our client list has reached capacity. Returning clients and gift certificate holders please click here to book.

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