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Absolutely no sexual misconduct (including but not limited to: inappropriate touching, requests for sexual favors, sexual comments, and sexual gestures) will be tolerated by the therapist and will result in immediate termination of services. Any future service booked will also be terminated. Payment for service will still be expected in full.


All services are charged per person. Any service requested to be divided among multipe people will be considered multiple services and therefore be subject to the full charge of the equivalent individual service. Any services booked must be paid for before or by the completion of the service. If payment is not made at the time of service an invoice will be sent. Any future appointments will be terminated until the invoice has been paid. Failure to pay the invoice within ten days will lead to legal action.


If for any reason (including but not limited to: exposed weapons, ferocious animals, environmental hazards, threatening or violent behavior, etc.) the therapist does not feel safe, services may be terminated and future services may be denied. The therapist also retains the right to use an escort, GPS, and audio recording devices to assure safety if necessary. We reserve the right to refuse service to any client unwilling to adhere to our business policies. 

Sleeping Baby
The therapist is on maternity leave until April (subject to change). Appointments will not be scheduled until after April 1st.

We are currently not accepting new clients as our client list has reached capacity. Returning clients and gift certificate holders please click here to book.

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