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Your therapist will bring all the supplies for the massage to you. This includes the massage table, sheets, cream, and relaxing music.

You only need to provide:

-An open floor space of approximately 5x10 feet for the table to be set up in.

-A place for your therapist to wash hands while you get settled on the table.

-An electric outlet near the space for a heated table cover.

If you wish you may also provide your own music, light candles, diffuse oils, or anything else to set the ambiance you prefer.

Your therapist usually arrives a few minutes early to set up. Set up takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

When setup is complete your therapist will do a brief verbal intake with you to find out if you have any problem areas, health concerns, or specific preferences. You will then be instructed how to get on the table.

Your therapist will go wash their hands and give you privacy as you get on the table.

Proper draping methods are always utilized during the massage.

When the session concludes, your therapist will step out to give you privacy to get off the table. 

Once you are finished changing, your therapist will clean up the supplies. This usually takes another 5-10 minutes.

You may pay by cash or card at the conclusion of the session. Cards are accepted through the Square Payment card reader. Gratuity may be added through the checkout process.

Invoices may also be sent online before your service at your request. Please see the terms and conditions for more details.

Sleeping Baby
The therapist is on maternity leave until April (subject to change). Appointments will not be scheduled until after April 1st.

We are currently not accepting new clients as our client list has reached capacity. Returning clients and gift certificate holders please click here to book.

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